I hope my year end letter finds you in good spirits and in good fortune.  Though this correspondence is being extended to all 18,000 active clients of Pilo Arts, I hope my thanks is truly received on an individual basis.

Watching our nation struggle through the worst recession in history, it is important that you know how much your patronage and loyalty is appreciated by me, my partners and my staff.

It is your continued support that has allowed Pilo Arts to grow in these difficult times, and for that, I wanted to extend to you my sincere best wishes for the coming year.

For those of you who I have not had the opportunity to meet, please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Jude LaBarca.  I joined Pilo Arts in 1997 with the purpose of bringing the company into the modern age.  By the end of 1999, my business systems grew Pilo's annual revenue by 60% resulting in a $1 million dollar renovation completely paid for by our growth.  It was a magical time!  To have experienced such enormous growth, considering that the company had already been in existence for 21 years, it was a testament to what hard work a perseverance could accomplish.

In 2000, I was promoted to Chief Executive Officer and given equal ownership by my partners Elena Solitario and Paul Pastore.  My focus of having the New York community recognize Pilo Arts as the leader in the beauty industry has been unyielding.  Little did I know the greatest challenges were still to come.  The dot com recession of 2001, the tragedy of 911, unfair competition by businesses engaged in fraudulent and unethical business practices, and The Great Recession of 2007, which for many of us has not ended.

With each year's passing, Pilo Arts has risen to the top, maintaining its integrity and relentless work ethic to become a leader in New York's Beauty Industry.  In many of the emails that I sent to you, the header reads as follows:

Ranked as one of the Top 5 Color Salons in the State of New York for four years in a row (2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010).

The State of New York's leading philanthropic salon, donating over $1.5 million in services annually.

Brooklyn's and Staten Island's largest salon, 7000 square feet, complimented with a staff of over 50 professionals.

Brooklyn's and Staten Island's leading salon for Hair Design, performing over $2.5 million in annual services.

Brooklyn's and Staten Island's most awarded and written about salon, 87 Press Articles, 65 Awards & Counting!

Outstanding member of the elite and exclusive hair salon organization Intercoiffure Mondial.

Your loyalty and commitment to the Pilo Arts brand is the primary reason that we are able to achieve these accomplishments.  I can assure you that Pilo Arts will never take that for granted.  We will not rest on our laurels.  Each year we strive to improve upon the last, so that Pilo Arts can demonstrate to you, our clients, our true appreciation of your continued commitment.

Below you will find a list of Pilo's 2011 achievements that I am most proud of, and I hope will confirm the trust that you have placed in our brand.  As to the coming year, 2012, Pilo Arts will be entering its 35th year of operations.  I  promise you that Pilo Arts will continue to strive for excellence in the services that we provide.  We intend to expand the styling department from 26 hair designers to 32.  So please excuse the inconvenience of the renovations that are scheduled for July.  Our spa will also undergo a transformation, which you will find out about in the coming months.  I apologize for the secrecy, but I believe you will be elated with the changes.  I will continue to keep you current about achievements throughout the year.

And finally, Thank You!  Thank you for growing our company in the worst financial period of our nations history.  Thank you for believing in us.  Thank you for your loyalty and thank you for spreading the word to your friends and family, that Pilo Arts is New York's Beauty Industry Leader.

From myself, my partners and my Staff, we wish you a safe and happy New Year.

J. Jude LaBarca, Esq.
C.E.O. Pilo Arts Day Spa & Salon



The State of New York's leading philanthropic salon!

Thank you Senator Marty Golden. Your constant acknowledgement of Pilo Arts' philanthropic efforts has allowed our company to be a beacon of assistance to the many New York charities and civic organizations needing help in their fund raising efforts.

Pilo Arts does not have dedicated personnel who can reach out to the community and offer assistance.  Rather, our ability to donate over $1.5 million in services per year is solely accomplished by word of mouth, whereby the charities contact Pilo Arts.  Senator Golden's recognition through the years has significantly enhanced our philanthropic visibility for those of need.  Pilo Arts NEVER refuses a charity's or a civic organization's request for assistance, no matter how many events they have per year.  So as long as you keep sending them our way, Pilo Arts is committed to giving back to the community with unending support.

As many of you know, Marty is a well respected New York State Senator, with his roots strongly planted in Bay Ridge.  His constant dedication toward assisting local charities and civic organizations can only be described as relentless.  I can tell you from my own experience how active Senator Golden is in the Brooklyn community. Each time Pilo Arts attends a local charity or civic group event, Marty is there, doing his best to help.  Attending two or three charitable events per day is not uncommon for this great public servant.  It is not in his nature to do any less.  I can still remember vividly, during the 911 tragedy, how Marty was lining up trucks on Third Avenue, to bring aide and supplies to our Fire Fighters at ground zero. His leadership was so powerful and moving. His actions reminded me of the movie Patton, when the General was directing his tanks on the road to victory. He is an incredible leader of our community who has transcended party lines.   Thank you Marty.



You can be proud that you support a legitimate business!

We strive to make you proud of your patronage.  Each year we donate over $1.5 million dollars in services to local charities and organizations, with no tax benefit.

You will also be proud to know that Pilo Arts supports its community by conducting its business legitimately. You can be proud that you support a company that is doing its share to pay the costs of our nation by properly paying all of its taxes.

I would also like to thank our staff for their commitment and LOYALTY to work with Pilo in a legitimate business manner, which means, they report all of their income to the government.  When so many of Pilo's competitors are offering off the books income incentives, their loyalty in choosing to remain with Pilo, speaks volumes about their character and the integrity of Pilo Arts.

Forgive me if I go off on a tangent, but I am so passionate about my team, their achievements and their ability to compete in the community, while adhering to such high moral and ethical standards.

Recognized as one of the
Top 5 Color Salons in the State of New York.
That's 4 years in a row!

Since 2007, this award has been handed out nationally to Schwarzkopf's best accounts.  Pilo Arts has received this award each year.   Thank you Schwarzkopf and Paramount for the recognition.  I hope you realize that our trip to Germany with you 14 years ago paid off.

This achievement has an even greater significance when you take into account that the State of New York has over 12,000 salons and New Jersey has over 8,000 salons.  According to Paramount Beauty, Pilo Arts ranks among each state's Top 5 Color Salons.  Wow!   Our growth in 2011 only leads me to believe that we will again reach this achievement.

Thank you Paramount for your commitment to the extensive monthly training that you have provided Pilo with for the past 14 years.  As a client of Pilo, you may not be aware that Pilo Arts provides advanced avant garde color education on premises for all of its stylists, every month. This program of studies has been ongoing for over a decade, and Paramount has been the primary contributor of Regional, National and International Color Educators. Thank you Evan for the 14 year commitment of making Pilo's goal of becoming one of New York's top color salons come true.

Thanks also to the staff of Pilo Arts.  Their commitment to continuing education is what makes Pilo's color team an industry leader.

And finally, thank you!  I speak for all 26 of our colorists when I say, we couldn't do it without your support and that of the community.

Fourteen years ago I made a commitment toward making Pilo Arts the Nation's premier colour salon.  Pilo retrained its styling staff to become expert colorists.  We brought in renowned color educators from all over the country, and who to this day continue to educate our staff.  When choosing a color line, I committed Pilo to use the highest quality color products, and unlike other salons who compromise quality to lower expenses, the high cost for these products did not deter us from their use.

Seeking to become a trend setter and leader in our industry, I committed Pilo Arts to join the elite stylist organization, Intercoiffure Mondial.  This exclusive membership allows Pilo Arts to interact with the leading colorists and stylists from all over the world.  Our Founders, Elena Solitario & Paul Pastore, have been outstanding members of Intercoiffure since 1999.  Our Color Director, Don Orlando, is a member of the exclusive American Board of Certified Hair Colorists, and our former Education Director, Tony Sanchez, is an accomplished color educator who continues to mentor and develop our young colorists.

Finally, I would once again like to thank you for your support, loyalty and making Pilo Arts one of New York's best color salons. 


The Community Newspaper Group (CNG) recently published the

"Brooklyn 200"

which was inserted in the

The article honoring Pilo Arts as being one of Brooklyn's
"best and brightest" businesses is enclosed for your review.

Pilo Arts Day Spa & Salon
Keeping Brooklyn looking and feeling great


A recent storm put a crimp in Long Island resident Joan McCourt's beauty regimen - a bi-monthly ritual she keeps by schlepping nearly 60 miles from her home to Pilo Arts Day Spa and Salon in Bay Ridge to "get the whole nine yards done."

The former Dyker Heights woman was eager to return to Pilo where she has been a faithful client of co-founder and former stylist Elena Solitario for 51 years - well before Pilo's inception.

"I get lots of compliments when I leave there," says Mc- Court, who is primped, pampered and treated like family at the elegant salon, a beloved fixture on Third Ave. between 84th and 85th streets since 1978 - and a "Brooklyn 200" business that has helped to shape the borough.

McCourt's trek to one of the top three hair color salons in New York and New Jersey - an honor Pilo was conferred this year by Paramount Beauty Distributors - is proof enough that when you look good, you feel good.

That philosophy has propelled the award-winning salon on the cutting edge of artistry and style while it revolutionizes the industry: Pilo was the first salon in Bay Ridge to offer a day spa, and the first in the business to open a bridal boutique.

An undercover 2002 New York Post article about overpriced beauty parlors even reported that Pilo was "a salon that does hair right."

Solitario, and co-founders Paul Pastore and Jude LaBarca, Esq., have placed their environmentally-friendly salon on the glamor map by offering clients Madison Avenue-worthy services, and gussying-up the likes of Fox 5 journalist Rosanna Scotto, radio personality Goumba Johnny and actor Tony Lo Bianco, among other celebrities.

Pilo's success - it performed more than $2.5 million in annual services last year - depends on the expertise of her staff, explains Solitario, who opened her first salon in Bay Ridge at the age of 18.

Nowadays, she and Pastore ensure their stylists exceed standards by routinely sending them to industry seminars and inviting experts along for in-house tutorials, while leading regular sessions on trends, techniques and more.

Pilo's reputation has delivered it major bragging rights: it is one of a handful of salons in the country to be a member of Intercoiffure Mondial, the most prestigious and influential organization in the business.

"Pilo Arts represents the very best of the best salons," states Lois Christie, Intercoiffure's district president.

The salon confirms as much by providing free and discounted services to recession- weary clients so that they can attend job interviews with confidence.

"We want to let them know that we are supporting them now, just like they've supported us all these years," says Director of Operations Vicky Galiatsatos.

Pilo's karma is well-turned- out, too.
Each year, it donates more than a million dollars in services to nearly 500 charities and civic groups, without a tax benefit.

That type of bold enterprise has made Pilo Arts Day Spa and Salon a cut above the rest - and a proud "Brooklyn 200" business.