Sexy...  Chic...  Stunning...

are just a few of the words that will describe how
 gorgeous you will
 feel after an avant-garde hair design by one of
New York City's premier award winning salons.
Pilo Arts Salon wants invites you to experience our renowned artistry.



Every great hair design and color starts with a consultation. What makes a hairstyle standout, goes beyond how well it looks, to how well it expresses who you are and how you live your life.  We gladly offer complimentary consultations on all of our hair services.

Creative Stylist & Colorists
To achieve the status of Creative Stylists, two years of training are required. Pilo Arts provides extensive and ongoing hands on education. Each licensed technician must master hair sculpturing, texture, color, perming, straightening, and in-depth chemical knowledge and an understanding of how the hair reacts. At this level, a Stylist is knowledgeable of the latest trends in the fashion industry and has achieved the ability to perform current, avant guard styles, as well as retro color services.

Master Stylist & Colorists
Master Stylists exhibit exceptional talent and technical ability. To achieve this second level, stylists must have over five years of work experience in Pilo Arts. They must also participate in fashion shows, as well as annually attend at least three education programs. Master Stylists have embraced our philosophy of Teamwork, Discipline, Education, Creative Freedom, Passion, Love & Vision, and continually strive to improve upon it.

Artistic Stylist & Colorists
Artistic Stylists have achieved the highest level of technical and creative ability, with artistic interpretations of their own. These artists travel the world for new ideas and styles. Many of our Artistic team participate in fashion shows, photo shoots and charitable events. They are also educators, in and out of the salon. Their flare for artistic perfection and technical expertise ranks them among the elite in the professional hair design industry.
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