Recognized as one of the
Top 5 Color Salons in the State of New York for 2010.
That's 4 years in a row!

Since 2007, this award has been handed out nationally to Schwarzkopf's best accounts.  Pilo Arts has received this award each year.   Thank you Schwarzkopf and Paramount for the recognition.  I hope you realize that our trip to Germany with you 14 years ago paid off.

This achievement has an even greater significance when you take into account that the State of New York has over 12,000 salons and New Jersey has over 8,000 salons.  According to Paramount Beauty, Pilo Arts ranks among each state's Top 5 Color Salons.  Wow!   Our growth in 2011 only leads me to believe that we will again reach this achievement.

Thank you Paramount for your commitment to the extensive monthly training that you have provided Pilo with for the past 14 years.  As a client of Pilo, you may not be aware that Pilo Arts provides advanced avant garde color education on premises for all of its stylists, every month. This program of studies has been ongoing for over a decade, and Paramount has been the primary contributor of Regional, National and International Color Educators. Thank you Evan for the 14 year commitment of making Pilo's goal of becoming one of New York's top color salons come true.

Thanks also to the staff of Pilo Arts.  Their commitment to continuing education is what makes Pilo's color team an industry leader.

And finally, thank you!  I speak for all 26 of our colorists when I say, we couldn't do it without your support and that of the community.

Fourteen years ago I made a commitment toward making Pilo Arts the Nation's premier colour salon.  Pilo retrained its styling staff to become expert colorists.  We brought in renowned color educators from all over the country, and who to this day continue to educate our staff.  When choosing a color line, I committed Pilo to use the highest quality color products, and unlike other salons who compromise quality to lower expenses, the high cost for these products did not deter us from their use.

Seeking to become a trend setter and leader in our industry, I committed Pilo Arts to join the elite stylist organization, Intercoiffure Mondial.  This exclusive membership allows Pilo Arts to interact with the leading colorists and stylists from all over the world.  Our Founders, Elena Solitario & Paul Pastore, have been outstanding members of Intercoiffure since 1999.  Our Color Director, Don Orlando, is a member of the exclusive American Board of Certified Hair Colorists, and our former Education Director, Tony Sanchez, is an accomplished color educator who continues to mentor and develop our young colorists.

Finally, I would once again like to thank you for your support, loyalty and making Pilo Arts one of New York's best color salons. 

Best wishes,

Jude LaBarca, C.E.O.