March 2002

Pilo Arts Day Spa & Salon offers lots of services to pamper you
Pilo Arts Day Spa & Salon featured in The Brooklyn Papers Newspaper Article -Pilo Talk Rock on: La Stone Therapy, a hot stone massage, at Pilo Arts Day Spa & Salon, by Stuart is a must-have experience. The stones are incorporated into the massage to loosen and relax muscles - and even your toes.

The Brooklyn Papers / Greg Mango

By Lisa J. Curtis
The Brooklyn Papers

Pilo Arts Day Spa & Salon is the place to go when you crave relaxation and need a new look.

In fact, Pilo Arts is the very definition of "full service."

There are so many staff members working at Pilo, founded 24 years ago, that anything you could possibly need will be taken care of. There's the check in. No need to wait - there are several people here who can help you. There's the coat check. There's the spa director who will take you downstairs and monitor your time at the spa. You'll be offered coffees, teas and mimosas. (Although after treatments like massages and body wraps, it's best to drink water.) And best of all, there are the deluxe treatments.

My day at Pilo began with Mariola, an aesthetician, who would be applying my hour-long facial - a Pilo Signature Mask ($48) with Four-Layer Mask upgrade ($50). A paraffin hand treatment is included in this treatment, so after changing, my hands were moisturized and dunked into the paraffin bath, then put into mitts. I was then tucked into a luxurious treatment bed of soft blankets.

Mariola proceeded to give me the complete facial: cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, extracting and then applying the Repechage Four-Layer Facial: a seaweed filtrate, a facial massage and a cool seaweed mask that is topped with a mineral mask. Then, like the surprise ending to a movie, the mask heats up! For several minutes the mask became progressively warmer, certainly helping the skin absorb those nourishing creams. The facial also includes a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. The mask, after it is cooled, is a solid mass that easily lifts off, leaving behind a clean, rosy-cheeked face.

This clever, decadent treatment was followed by a top-notch massage by Stuart in another treatment room where candles flickered and soothing music played. He executed a flawless La Stone Therapy ($90) massage using Swedish massage technique with heated stones. In the course of the therapy, he alternated hot stones with cold stones and even placed small warm stones between each toe. Warm stones were placed alternately on my lower back, palms and most effectively on my chest. After the stones were removed from my chest, it seemed I literally had a weight lifted and could breathe more deeply. My muscles were warmed by the stones and pulled like taffy - stretched and warm.

Another great feature of Pilo is the newly renovated reception area and tranquility room, where you can rest between treatments or enjoy a meal. Elegantly appointed, the plush couch and glass table for two make for a great meeting place for couples, friends or even mothers and daughters having simultaneous treatments.

Now that my mind and body had been thoroughly relaxed and rejuvenated, it was time to seriously revamp the extremities. I was onto the upper floor of Pilo - a full-service hair salon also offering spa manicures and pedicures. They are fully equipped to give clients everything from a new haircut to a total and complete makeover. I opted for the makeover.

The salon has an invigorating atmosphere with monitors showing fashion shows, pop music playing and lots of banter between the friendly staff and clients.

Nail technician Ella gave me a complete set of light concept nail tips ($85). A pro after applying these tips for two years, she cleaned my nails, attached a plastic tip, and then layered on the synthetic resin with a paintbrush. The resin then hardens under ultra violet light. Like the Michelangelo of nail work, she then set to work without a drill, filing, brushing and painting the nails. Completely realistic looking and trimmed to a comfortable length, I felt as though I had a whole new pair of hands.

Then it was on to 11-year Pilo vet Riccardo, who banished my roots with a single process and highlights (prices are available upon consultation). Artistic stylist and colorist Stefanie Gambino took my newly blonded locks and layered them into a bouncy, healthier look. Last but not least makeup artist Ilene Stein took me under her wing and instructed me in how to make the most of my features. (A make-up touch up is free with a spa treatment.)

Pilo uses two deluxe makeup lines: Sebastian's Trucco with slightly transparent lip glosses and sheer lipsticks that are perfect for daytime and springtime, and its own brand of cosmetics and skincare. Both are available for purchase.

Pampered from my head to my massaged toes, I realized I had only taken advantage of a smattering of Pilo's services, which also include many more facials, massages, body treatments, waxings and electrolysis. There are enough treatments to keep you coming back for a year. I think I just might.