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"Clearly, Pilo Arts Gifts Are What Women Really Want!"
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Chuck Otey's FOCUS column  Jan 19, 2012

"Clearly, Pilo Arts Gifts Are What Women Really Want!"

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Clearly, Pilo Arts Gifts Are What Women Really Want!
Since the 1970s, Pilo Arts — operated by the lovely Elena Solitario and now her son and partner, attorney Jude LaBarca — has been a positive force of allure, drawing thousands (not each day) to Third Avenue and Bay Ridge.

We’re not surprised to learn that renowned Schwarzkopf Color has again singled out Pilo Arts for its Diamond Club Award. That’s one reason Pilo Arts is ranked as a “Top 5 Color Salon” for New York and New Jersey.

But that’s not the only reason we’re writing about Pilo Arts just a little more than three weeks after Christmas. Since one of the best holiday gifts — to ladies and guys, but particularly ladies — is a Pilo gift certificate, January is, unfailingly, the month I wait to hear back from my friends who are now rushing to use them!

This is more than a plug — it’s a male reaction of relief at having given a gift that women really want. (Don’t believe Mel Gibson! He’s often wrong.) It’s just amazing how women who live in other, distant parts of Brooklyn and even Manhattan, literally love an invitation to experience Pilo!

I’ve known this for years — if I say any more about the very happy responses from my select female Christmas donees, Verena Otey will get on my case! By the way, her first gift to me was a gift certificate for a “Day of Relaxation at Pilo!” Unforgettable!